Meteorological Station

A comprehensive meteorological station provides all the weather data necessary for a complete characterization of a solar system's performance.

Solar Resource Instruments:

Meteorological StationDirect Normal Irradiance (DNI) is measured by a Hukseflux DR-1 Pyrheliometer (first class) pointed at the sun by a Minitrak II Solar Tracker.

Global Diffuse Radiation is measured by a Hukseflux SR11 Pyranometer (first class).

Total radiation in the plane of the fixed-mounted collectors (40° altitude, 180° azimuth) is measured by a Hukseflux LP02 Pyranometer (second class).

Other meteorological measurements:

Wind speed and direction are measured by a Met-1 034b Wind Set.

Ambient air temperature and humidity are measured by a Campbell Scientific HMP 50 temp & humidity sensor.

Precipitation is measured with a Texas Electronics 525 tipping rain bucket.